Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium Road Show 2011 at Cochin, India:Show Review

Adobe Road Show at Cochin
Adobe Road Show at Cochin

This post is my experience in the adobe creative suite 5 production premium Road Show. This is very wonderful and interesting show. This is specially designed to help to realise the best of CS5. We got An opportunity to talk with the adobe partners to discuss the best and most creative ways to work with Production Premium. I joined the show at Cochin on 4th March 2011, Friday 🙂

Mainly discussed about Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign, Fireworks, Adobe Bridge, Flash CS5, Flash Catalyst, Aftereffects CS5, Premiere Pro CS5 and Dreamweaver CS5. Also described all the new features in the adobe creative suite  5 production premium. There are defferent types of segments are there. Design Segment, Web Segment, Video Segment etc. The final segment is very interesting. This segment of fun frantic activity will give us the exciting tips, hidden favorites and personal techniques of Abode teams.

Rajesh Patil, Vyshak V and Guru Vaidya are the main professionals. Also some  introducers are there. All are very interesting guys. You can find them via their twitter accounts rajesh2309, vyshakv, guruvaidya

Adobe Creative Suite 5 paves the way for efficiency, creativity, code-free interactive content and more. The latest ground breaking tools for designing for multiple “surfaces” with CS5 – including print. Today, there are a huge variety of devices, and more being announced every day. You can create the work you do today more efficiently, and deliver to this ever expanding array of media devices, including ‘traditional’ print. Learned how CS5 can help reduce the time and cost of creating content – including interactive content, – by using the skills you already have to create digital content for devices. Understand more about Adobe’s brand new product Flash Catalyst – what it does and what it means to the design community (apart from creating great business opportunities)! Top five features in InDesign, Illustrator, Flash Catalyst and Photoshop that will change how you work with these tools forever!

Adobe 64 bit Video. Packed with innovations like native 64-bit support and the new Mercury playback engine that dramatically increase productivity, Adobe’s video tools up the ante with industry-leading performance breakthroughs and amazing tools that accelerate post-production.

See the latest comprehensive Flash platform toolset – three unique Flash tools, each designed for a specific purpose: create immersive experiences with Flash Catalyst and RIAs with Flash Builder. Develop for existing standards, new frameworks and integrate advanced imaging technologies with new functionality in Web Premium CS5.

You can post your own experience about the Adobe Road Show as a comment followed by this post, I will add that in addition to this post . You can see more photos Click Here.