Adobe Road Show
Adobe Road Show









An opportunity to talk with the adobe partners to discuss the best and most creative ways to work with Production Premium. You can see the official site link

Past training dates and locations:

  • May 18 – New York, NY
  • May 20 – Orlando, FL
  • May 25 – Dallas, TX
  • May 27 – Atlanta, GA
  • June 3 – Vancouver, B.C.
  • June 8 – San Francisco, CA
  • June 10 – Los Angeles, CA
Adobe road show coming to a city near you!
Adobe road show coming to a city near you!





Venues In India

4th March 2011 -Kochi
Hotel Dreams Cochin
S.A, Road,
Elamkulam Junction,
Kochi, Kerala.

8th March 2011 -Bhubaneswar
Hotel MAYFAIR Lagoon
8-B, Jaydev Vihar
Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

23rd March 2011 -Vadodara
The Gateway Hotel
Akota Gardens,

We can register the road show event in India- Register Now, choose your nearest location. I am going to attend 4th March 2011 at Kochi 🙂


Agenda for Adobe Creative Suite 5 Launch Tours

9:30 AM Welcome Address

9:35 AM Highlights of Creative Suite 5
The show starts with much fanfare and flourish, to give you a glimpse of what the day will hold. From innovative tools to enhanced workflows, cross-media solutions to diverse content delivery, Adobe Creative Suite 5 paves the way for efficiency, creativity, code-free interactive content and more.

10:00 AM Adobe Creative Suite 5: Design Segment
See the latest ground breaking tools for designing for multiple “surfaces” with CS5 – including print. Today, there are a huge variety of devices, and more being announced every day; your audience chooses when, where and how they consume the content you create. Learn how you can create the work you do today more efficiently, and deliver to this ever expanding array of media devices, including ‘traditional’ print. Learn how CS5 can help reduce the time and cost of creating content – including interactive content, – by using the skills you already have to create digital content for devices. Understand more about Adobe’s brand new product Flash Catalyst – what it does and what it means to the design community (apart from creating great business opportunities)! You’ll also be able to see the amazing top five features in InDesign, Illustrator, Flash Catalyst and Photoshop that will change how you work with these tools forever!

11:30 AM Coffee Break

11:45 AM Adobe Creative Suite 5: Web Segment (Part I)
See the latest comprehensive Flash platform toolset – three unique Flash tools, each designed for a specific purpose: create immersive experiences with Flash Catalyst and RIAs with Flash Builder. Develop for existing standards, new frameworks and integrate advanced imaging technologies with new functionality in Web Premium CS5. Streamline critical processes with the new CS Live Web Online Services and save time in design and development. See the Top features of Dreamweaver, Flash Builder and Flash Professional that will dramatically improve modern development workflow.

12:45 PM Lunch Break

1:45 PM Adobe Creative Suite 5: Web Segment (Part II) with Highlights of Photoshop
Continuing from Web Segment Part 1, don’t miss this slot as there will be a special Photoshop Top Features section!

2:15 PM Customer Testimonials/ Partner Presentations

2:45 PM Coffee Break

3:00 PM Adobe Creative Suite 5: Video Segment
The Need for Speed – with Adobe 64 bit Video. Packed with innovations like native 64-bit support and the new Mercury playback engine that dramatically increase productivity, Adobe’s video tools up the ante with industry-leading performance breakthroughs and amazing tools that accelerate post-production. New features let you  express your creativity like never before, and new products help streamline planning and production workflows. Collaborate efficiently by easily integrating CS5 Production Premium into existing production workflows. See the top five features in After Effects and Premiere that re-define what is possible in video tools.

4.30 PM The Grand Finale
This 30 minute segment of fun frantic activity will give you the exciting tips, hidden favorites and personal techniques of our Evangelists. Don’t miss this!

5:00 PM Q & A Closing and Lucky Draw

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium Road Show:-In India
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