The long-awaited fourteenth release of WordPress is now available. WordPress 3.1 “Reinhardt” is named in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

1) Post Format

wordpress 3.1 post format
Word Press 3.1 Post Format












Post formats allow an author to specify one of ten standard formats for a post to be displayed. The ten post formats to be supported by 3.1 are default:- standard, aside,
chat, gallery, link, image, quote, status, video, and audio.

2) Admin Bar

WordPress 3.1 Admin Gray Bar
WordPress 3.1 Admin Gray Bar




In WordPress 3.1, an administration bar will be added to connect the back end to the front end of your blog.The bar comes standard with 5 parent menu items plus a search
box on the right hand side.

However if you don’t like this functionality, you can always disable it by going to your user profile.

WordPress3.1 Inactivate Admin Bar
WordPress3.1 Inactivate Admin Bar









3) Custom post type admin menu handling

One handy feature that’s going into 3.1 is the ability to customize the way admin menus are handled for custom post types.  In 3.0 a custom post type standardly gets a
top level menu location, but 3.1 will allow you to customize where they go and how to handle them.


4) Internal Linking

WordPress 3.1 Internal Linking
WordPress 3.1 Internal Linking






We can’t stress enough on the importance of Internal linking for SEO of your WordPress blog. To be honest, the process of Internal linking was pretty painful unless you
would use some plugins or hacks to find relevant posts for internal linking.


5) Fresh Admin Blue Theme

WordPress 3.1 Fresh Blue Theme
WordPress 3.1 Fresh Blue Theme









Very nice blue theme.


6) Ajaxification, Ajaxified Pagination and Columns

WordPress also has improved the posts area too with Ajaxification. You don’t have to reload pages while searching for posts. Previously, sorting through WordPress posts
pagination was a pain. Now, you can simply enter the number of the page you want to go to. Also, columns are now sortable. As you can see there is an arrow right by the


7) Good Content Management System(CMS)

WordPress 3.1 allows you to create advanced taxonomies and call custom field queries.Result of which is WordPress is even better and comprehensive CMS.


8) Taxonomy Queries

This will make sorting of posts and other post types very easy for developers. Custom taxonimies are awesome. Now we can filter posts using them in an awesome way.


9) Admin Menu Handling

3.1 is the ability to customize the way admin menus are handled for custom post types.


10) New Super Admin Network

This allows the network admins to get a new super admin dashboard that is separate of user-admin dashboard. It has it’s own menus, pages etc. This removes the clutter
from the regular admin dashboard for individual sites.


11) QuickPress Template Tag

There were plans to make the QuickPress, custom post types ready and have a front-end code for it. This has been moved for version 3.2.


12)Custom post type archives

By default WordPress 3.0 does not index custom post types.  For instance, let’s say WPCandy created a ‘product’ post type (which is not the case) that can be accessed
via  Well that’s great, but if you just want to see all things WPCandy sells, WordPress doesn’t index unless the theme
developer creates a specific page template for that query.


Have you updated?



What’s New in WordPress 3.1: Quick Overview
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